The Bible Is Astronomy Validates the Bible

The Bible Is The Most Scientific Religious Text Ever Written!

The Bible Is Astronomy

The Bible Is Astronomy will blow your mind! Click on the Cover Image to go to the Barnes And Noble Link.

I wrote this book hoping it lays the foundation to restore the Respect the Bible once had. I believe this is the first step needed for Revival. Only then can we have the awe needed to dig into the Bible to understand Biblical Repentance and then Revival.

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The following is my take on Revival. I understand that this subject is open for debate. But I am looking for tell-tale signs that point to a lasting, Biblical Revival.

I expect a move of God to cause Bible Believers to take back their children’s education.

I expect Bible Believers to act upon a desire (from the Holy Spirit) to know God in a deeper way. This means people will study the Bible like no others.

I expect Christian leaders to guide Believers into developing Marketable Skills and Businesses.

The Bible is Astronomy Book contains answers to Biblical questions most of us never knew how to ask!

Hence, the Answers are profound!

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The Coronavirus, Noah’s Flood, Bible Prophecy, The Moon And 666.

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The Earth As Paleg Knew

The Earth As Peleg Knew was a Single Continent! That was around 2,250 BC! This PDF comes from the Book and is yours to see, trusting this will help you decide on acquiring this book!

CLICK This Single Continent Image to VIEW the PDF!

Description of ‘The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith!’

‘The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith’ is a book that opens some mysteries of the Bible’s secrets! This book will introduce you to many subjects.

    • Learn how religious symbols have their foundation in Astronomy.
    • You will be amazed at the Tabernacle in the Wilderness doubling as an Observatory.
    • Learn about the calendar system Moses gave the Hebrews. Time is something we can verify.
    • You will explore the hidden messages contained in words, passages and lineages.
    • Learn the date when Noah’s Flood began.

Those that purchase this book (E-Book or Print) are encouraged to ask me to turn into a Social Network. The website exists for individuals that purchase the book and study the Bible together. They will have full access to the site (for free) while I am able to maintain it.

This book is a study that proves the Bible is the most scientific religious text ever composed. Yes, this book is technical and resembles a text book, but what’s contained in it is awesome.

You must study the Bible on your own if you will appreciate the mysteries. I believe the best place for you to start this journey is based on that single question you asked when you were a young child. I asked, “How can God be a Trinity”. Others asked, “Why did God allow my grandmother to die”. Whatever your question was, that is the foundation you are to study the Bible From!

The Bible Is Astronomy is filled with awesome Biblical Information

I believe this book will bridge the gap for those that have always wanted to study the Bible on their own and those that have studied the Good Book and reached a point they don’t know how to proceed further.

Whether you need a nudge to study the Bible or a push over the cliff to continue your studies, this book may be the final straw in the camel’s back that drives you to find the Truth?

Consequently, you will appreciate the Bible’s mysteries more when you study it out yourself. Discovering the meaning of the Bible’s hidden mysteries is more fun when you experience it personally.

Many believe the Bible is the Word of God, but they have no idea how to begin the process of studying it properly! The Bible is an enigma for those that do not take their spiritual life seriously! Should you find the Bible an enigma please allow this book to be the bridge that helps you journey into properly studying the Bible.

For those that trust the Bible and would like to have a deeper knowledge needed to defend the Bible, please consider the contents of this book to provide the foundation that will give you the desire to study the Bible deeper.

The Bible Is Astronomy will help you know the Bible

For those that need a deeper understanding of the Bible to defend their Faith, this is the book for you.

Should you have doubts when it comes to defending the Bible as the Word of God, I am confident that this book will reassure you that the Bible is unlike any other religious text given to mankind.

In conclusion, would you like to have the knowledge needed to better defend your faith? Do you have doubts when it comes to which religious texts represent the True Religion? This book will provide you with knowledge. What you do with that knowledge gained is up to you.