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Friends of Grand Rapids, The Bible is Astronomy

Friends of Grand Rapids, The Bible is Astronomy

Friends of Grand Rapids, we are happy to present this book. ‘The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith!’ is the title. This book demonstrates the Bible is the most scientific religious text ever written. As such, that is a solid foundation to base your Faith on the Bible being the Word of God.

Genesis 1 – 11, and the rest of the Bible gives enough information to calculate the actual day Noah’s Flood began! That date, all the math and Astronomical data to justify that date is in this book.

The Tabernacle in the Wilderness was not just Israel’s National Slaughter House, it was also an extremely sophisticated mobile Observatory!

The Torah is an awesome expression of Encrypting/Encoding information in the Original Hebrew text. Even the English translations have many of these hidden truth for those that know how to read between the lines. We have identified 15 or so different form of hiding deeper knowledge within the surface text!

Wait till you see the 9,000 year calendar system Moses gave the Hebrews!

You will be stunned at the ‘Elohyim Prophecy!

Many of our religious symbols may not be religious at all. In fact, many are Astronomical.

These things and much more are found in the pages of this book.

We have two ways that you can acquire the book.

1. Visit our Barnes And Noble Book Page Link.

2. You can purchase the book directly from us with a 15% discount, shipping and Handling included.

Friends of Grand Rapids, the Bible is God’s Gift to Humanity

Please visit The Bible Is Astronomy and click the image of the earth. This is what the Earth looked like in the days of Peleg! This was around 200 years after Noah’s Flood. Then, around 2,250 BC The Earth was divided. The results were the today’s global maps of the Continents.

The PDF is from the book and the complete section for ‘The Days of Peleg’!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Stan out for now!